heatherRecently, I left a full time, twenty five year career in Human Resources to create a customized job tapping into my passions – helping people find jobs and helping companies find great people! It wasn’t easy and it was even harder discovering what my actual work passions were.Why was it so hard? Distractions. Distractions at home. Distractions at work. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Being comfortable. Losing the regular paycheck and benefits. “People rely on me.” I could type reasons and excuses for an hour. What changed? I finally figured it out.Last night, I attended a special event at Wings Seminars in Eugene, Oregon. Sherry Frank, an exceptionally talented facilitator at Wings, spoke on “10 Steps to Your Authentic Life”. It was a fabulous discussion and thought provoking on many levels. (In a few days, I will post the recorded video.) At one point she said, “We can change our beliefs.” I froze. I can change my beliefs? Have I ever really done that before? I realized that, YES, I have. I did just that last August. And, in fact, I had changed two beliefs.


In 2014, I was sitting at my office at work and just received the signed offer letter from a difficult to find candidate that would be moving from South Carolina to Eugene, Oregon. The candidate was excited to join our team and the company was excited for this experienced individual to be taking the lead of one of our departments. I felt energized and jumped around my office. I literally said, “I love this!” In that moment, I changed my belief about myself. Until that moment, I had believed that it was really only luck that helped me find candidates. But, I thought, hadn’t I worked hard to find, recruit and negotiate with him? Yes, I had. And, finally, I allowed and accepted that I really did know how to recruit.

All that was left was my next worn out belief.


I had this belief: If I was naturally good at something I had an obligation, a mission, to perform those duties. Why would I be good at something if I wasn’t supposed to use it? I own that my love of helping people and organization skills make me good at Human Resources, and I will probably be doing HR consulting until I die. However, just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that is your passion and that is what you have to do for a job all day, every day. When I realized this and truly believed I could create my dream job, I walked away and towards my amazing new life!

Do you have a belief or two that you want to change?