The White Squirrel Resume: Or, how to make my resume stand out.

An albino, white squirrel.

If a white squirrel ran into your front yard, you would notice it, wouldn’t you? Because you don’t see a white squirrel every day, like all the other brown, and maybe grey, squirrels that try to run in front of your car because they have some kind of suicide mission. (And, dare I say, maybe a desire to cause you to run off the side of the road for being part of the human race that killed their brothers and sisters with strange black round things that speed down the road.)

A white squirrel stands out…big time! In fact, until I saw this picture attached to this post, I had never seen a white squirrel. I didn’t even know they existed and I know a lot about squirrels, strangely. I love all squirrels.

HOW TO BE LIKE A WHITE SQUIRREL (even if you are a brown or grey squirrel)

  1. Look different than all the other squirrels, but still be a squirrel. White squirrels stand out and they are proud of it.
  2. Be a determined hard worker, like a squirrel. Squirrels do what it takes to find their food. They will climb anything and everything, risking their lives, to find that nut. White squirrels are hard workers too.
  3. Take more risks than other squirrels. White squirrels are at more risk than other squirrels because they don’t blend into the scenery like a brown or grey squirrel. They stand out and that makes life in general more dangerous. (I know a cat in my neighborhood that would love to snake on a white squirrel. Bad cat.) Take more risks like a white squirrel.
  4. Even though the white squirrel looks extra special doing the same work other squirrels do, it doesn’t act special. Don’t act special. Just know you are special.
  5. Plan for the winter, like a squirrel. White squirrels may be special, but they still have to plan for the winter months. (Although, I’m thinking, a white squirrel has it better in the winter because that is when they blend into the snow.)

Okay. I know. You want to know what this damn white squirrel has to do with my resume.


  1. Your resume needs to be a white squirrel in the stack of brown and grey resumes. It needs to reflect how you are different than all the other candidates.
  2. Your resume needs to work hard for you, pushing and climbing your skills and experience up the pile and strong enough to take your to the next steps, the interview, where you can prove to the hiring team that you are their candidate.
  3. Your resume needs to take a bit more risk than the average resume. Risks like unashamedly highlighting your accomplishments and what you did in your past employment to create positive change, improvements or increase revenue. Being timid won’t get you the nuts.
  4. When you get that interview, know that you have what they are looking for, but be appropriately humble. A White squirrel knows he is special, but he doesn’t put on airs. He stays tuned into his environment and watches for cues.
  5. White squirrels (and all other squirrels) plan and work for the winter months. Before you go to that interview – plan, plan, plan. Do your research about the company and be ready to ask them good questions. They want to see if you did your work.

In the comments below, share with everyone how you are like a white squirrel. (Also, if you have seen a white squirrel, click here to report and help “Untamed Science” researchers.)