1. Call or email me for a brief introduction. Let’s discuss services and find out if we are a good client/writer match.
  2. Email me your old resume (if applicable) and a few job links you would like to apply to.
  3. Schedule the “Discovery Call” where we…
    • Discuss your current role, responsibilities, career goals.
    • Identify accomplishments and transferable skills.
    • Draft deadline will be determined.
  4. I draft your resume (and edit cover letter, if applicable) and email the document(s) to you by agreed upon date. Turn around can be between 3 to 5 business days, unless expedited.
  5. We have an edit call (up to an hour long – one session). During this call, all adjustments and edits will be made to your complete satisfaction. Additionally, I educate you about revising your resume and/or cover letter in the future – so you never have to pay a writer again. (Additional edit calls are charged at the hourly rate listed below.)
  6. Final documents (Word and PDF) will be emailed immediately after the edit call.
  7. I create or update your LinkedIn profile.
  8. You are ready to apply for that job!


A one page resume is suggested if you are a student or graduate with minimal experience, have one career, or under ten years of experience in same/similar industry. (Cover letter template provided with one page resume.)

A two page resume is suggested if you have extensive experience with a career of accomplishments, ten or more years of experience in multiple industries, or you are a Specialty Professional/Sr. Leader in your field.

Resume & LinkedIn ProfileBecause this is such an important tool for your job search and career development, I include a LinkedIn profiles creation, or update, with purchase of resume package. (An additional $150 to $300 value!)


  • In-depth discovery with a leadership and talent acquisition consultant to uncover all you have to offer in your next senior leadership role
  • Creation of a targeted, accomplishment based resume
  • LinkedIn update and guidance
  • Cover letter and guidance
  • Interview preparation coaching session

“Investing in a professional resume writer and career consultant, who knows her craft and WILL convey your true value to potential employers, improves your earnings over the long term – far outweighing any initial investment in your resume.”

COVER LETTER (Two Options)

A well written cover letter highlights your most relevant skills and accomplishments related to the specific job posting and provides additional information relevant to your unique situation.

Option 1 ($125) -This cover letter service includes reviewing and editing a cover letter you have drafted (applying the effective formula – YOU/ME/US), with the assistance of a provided template, and education on quick customization for related job postings.

Option 2 ($200) – Cover letter written for you (applying the effective formula – YOU/ME/US), collaborative editing, and guidance on quick customization for other related job postings.

MISCELLANEOUS – $125 an hour

Many times employers ask for additional materials (in addition to your resume and cover letter), such as online applications, supplemental questions, bios, presentations, etc. Assistance/editing provided.


New client 48 to 72 hour turn around is an additional $150. (Note: This service is only available if current clients on the calendar are agreeable to adjustment.)

CV (Curriculum Vitae) – $650 ($100 each additional page, after 2 pages)

This selection is for higher education, including publishing, research, physicians and any other more academically inclined profession.