Outplacement Services with Professional Resume Writing

Oregon Outplacement Services

When the difficult decision to layoff an employee(s) arises requiring Outplacement Services, InClarity360 can provide your organization with support and career services for your employees that will create a smooth transition.

Employee Communication – A Human Resources professional to assist you with pre-planning the communication and assist with end of employment documents.

Onsite Resume Writing & Career Counseling Workshops – A career counselor to meet with employees 1:1 or in a group session.

Resume Writing Services – A professional resume writer to write or edit resumes, cover letters and online applications.

Career Counseling Services – Short term or long term services can be contracted to support individuals during their job search or career transition. (We also join forces work with other Career Coaching firms to ensure your company and employees receive customized services to meet unique needs.)

All services can be tailored and packaged to include customized communication, resume writing, workshops and career counseling – to meet the unique needs of your company, the individual and budgets.

InClarity360 provides services, in-person, on-site, via Skype/FaceTime or teleconference, in order to cover the entire nation.