dreams-come-true“Remember to buy that spinach.” My brain remembers when I am walking down the aisle. “Take that computer course.” I take the computer course and it helps me get my job done faster at work.

“I will not go to that Iris Dement concert. It will only break my heart.” I don’t go to the concert. Instead, I watch SPANGLISH with my friend at home and pop some popcorn on the stove. We have an awesome time.

“Stop loving that man.” And, I stop. Then, I meet a cute guy the very next day.

“Apply for that job. I can do it!” I apply and get the interview.

How is it, with all this power, we convince ourselves we can’t achieve a dream we dream of – like a dream job? What happened that we let someone’s words steal the knowledge of our self power away? What circumstances or event was our “proof” that something important to us isn’t possible? It was a lie. A lie we chose to believe. And, because we believed it, our mind and body believed it and, so, it became true – our reality.

Now, I am a realist. I know there are real limitations. But I dare to say they are few and far between. If you found this blog and are reading it, processing it, comprehending it, this is actual proof of the power and potential in that brain of yours. Maybe you are saying to yourself, “This just isn’t true for me. I have one leg. I can’t be a marathon runner or a gymnast. So there!”

Sorry to say it so bluntly, “You are wrong.” I just saw a documentary about a legless young woman who is a medal winner gymnast.

What do you believe are your limitations? What is your dream? How are you going to make it come true? Write it all down. Make a statement to the universe and write down your action plan in the comments below.

– Heather McBride, SPHR
Resume Writer, Corporate Recruiter and HR Consultant
P.S. I love this video. It reminds me of how powerful each and every one of us are.