Growth-CollabYesterday, I was invited to be in a Podcast – my first one – and participated in a discussion about creating and building my consulting business and the importance of LinkedIn.

I admit I was nervous. It turned out to be fun and a huge reminder of how important it is to keep your eye on your long range goal, whether it be a promotion, new career, new business or anything for that matter.

I remember trying to start my consulting business in 2012, building it and then giving up on it because I forgot my end goal. I started worrying about being able to maintain the client base and income, resulting in me giving up and returning to a past job. The experience was important for me to go through and I don’t regret it for a moment.

When I left the old job again and restarted my resume writing and recruiting business, my head was clearer, more confident and my network was larger…which made it easier for me to rebuild my business. (Everything happens for a reason! There are no failures. Only learning opportunities, if you choose to learn from them.)

Take a few moments to hear my story and learn more about how LinkedIn can help you and your career goals.

Podcast with Val Stilwell, Paul Bright and Heather McBride

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Val Stilwell at Growth Collaborative (Business Branding, Strategic Growth & Consulting)

Paul Bright at Paul Bright Studios (Commercials & Website Videos)