You really can write your own resume!

  1. Learn how to create an irresistible urge in the hiring leader to say, “I must meet this candidate!”
  2. Highlight your skills in a way that SHOWS the employer what you can do for them.
  3. Turn your experience into transferable skills for a new career.

Do you want an effective step-by-step approach and proven resume template that gets you in front of the hiring manager? This is the course for you!


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1.1 – Introduction & Welcome

1.2 – Marketing YOU

1.3 – Repetition & Relevance

1.4 – Inspiration – Bird by Bird


2.1 – Introduction to Resume Database

2.2 – Building Your Resume Database

Time Stamp (for quick access)

00:00:00 to 00:29:24 (Resume Header)

00:29:24 to 00:56:11 (Job Search Goals)

00:56:11 to 02:00:18 (Education & Training)

02:00:18 to 00:02:39 (Software & Technology)

00:02:39 to 03:09:11 (Languages)

03:09:11 to 03:51:15 (Misc. Checklist)

03:51:15 to 05:50:19 (Employment History)

05:50:19 to 7:30:00 (Missing Job Descriptions)



3.1 – Resume Template

3.2 – Creating Keywords

3.3 – Areas of Experience

3.4 – Software & Technology

3.5 – Education, Training & Languages

3.6 – Employment History

3.7 – Professional Summary

3.8 – Highlights of Accomplishments



How To Write A Resume

There is nothing more satisfying – in the work world, that is – than witnessing an individual and team thrive because of an excellent employee/company match! This insight propelled me to direct my 25 years of HR and Recruiting experience, and corporate insider acumen, toward assisting individuals land their dream jobs.

Being keenly aware of the importance of marketing your skills, experience, accomplishments, and passion – yes, passion – in a way that rings true with a hiring leader, is the key to a successful resume. This online resume writing program is designed to quickly teach you how to write the most effective resume possible, in a manner that targets your skill sets for the jobs you want!


“Heather did a fantastic job rewriting my resume and tailoring it to the area I was wanting a job in. In fact she gave me two different resumes so I could choose the right one for different jobs. It worked great and I received several different interviews and in the end I chose where I went and now have a new career working for a fantastic company. Heather was also great at giving me career advice and guiding me in my career search. She’s the best!”

Sean-RodgersSean Rodgers, Operations Leader, Amazon

“Working with Heather was an amazing experience! She is organized, efficient, and an excellent wordsmith. Her years of experience in Human Resources are obvious, as is her familiarity with composing effective and persuasive application materials. Her assistance in preparing an organized and assertive cover letter was invaluable. Heather is very easy to work with, as she is thoughtful, insightful, and personable. I live out of state, and she made it effortless to connect through phone and email, since we were unable to meet in person. In fact, I was delighted to be able to simply schedule a telephone call or email into my day instead of working in the time and travel involved with a meeting at an outside location! If you are looking for a simple, stress-free way to increase your “hireability,” Inclarity360 is definitely the way to go!”

Rachel-RutherfordRachel Rutherford, Legal Assistant, Olympia, WA

“After having my consultation, cover letter and resume done, I was confident at the interviews and got the job I wanted.”

Sheila Simmons, Executive Assistant, Dallas, TX

“Competing on paper in today’s market and/or in any market for that matter in an effort to secure an interview is no easy task. As such, I am fortunate to of had the opportunity to work with Heather. She provided me with best practices for how to position my résumé as well as cover letter to ensure my professional skills and experiences were highlighted to their fullest potential and relative to the position being sought. I also had the benefit of working with Heather on how to prepare for the interview once it was secured. She provided guidance for anticipating the types of questions to expect and how to respond to them based on what was written in the position description, as well as how to address some of the “more standard” questions that are often asked in an interview environment. Heather continues to be a resource and someone I can rely on to help prepare me for future career endeavors.”

Amanda Anderson, Marketing and Public Relations Account Manager, Samaritan Health Services

“Heather was prompt in responding to my request to build a resume for me. Having never had a resume, I was in the dark on how the whole process worked. She put me at ease when I spoke to her on the phone, and when I met her. She not only listened to how I wanted my resume to look and read. She improved on my ideas. If you are looking for a resume, I would recommend Heather.”

William Stout, Sales Manager/Operations Manager, South Fork Coffee Co.

“Heather helped me update and “modernize” my resume since it had been over 5 years since I was last looking for employment. She worked quickly and thoroughly to produce a really great product. Just got a dream job because of it!”

Amy Wolfsen, Restaurant Manager, Tacovore, Eugene, OR

“Heather did a fabulous job working on updating my resume. She asked great questions and took it to a brand new level. I am so pleased that I was able to work with her, as she is extremely professional and intuitive to my needs.”

Jennifer Cantu, Clinical Specialist, Volpara Solutions

“After nearly nine years of working for the same company they began to go in a directions I was no longer comfortable with. It was a bit scary thinking I was preparing to leave what I was familiar with as well as the people I’d grown to care about and view as an extend family. But I was determined that I wouldn’t allow myself to get left “holding the bag”. So after an extended internet search I ran across Heather’s website. I liked the reviews I read and decided to give her a call. After speaking with her over the phone I new immediately I’d contacted the right person. We set a time to meet and she really made me feel comfortable with the process. Her years of corporate HR experience were very obvious. She asked about my experience and the types of jobs I was interested in applying for. I could tell she really wanted to help and genuinely cared about her clients and took a lot of thought and pride in her work. I had one particular job I was very interested in with a relatively short window to apply. So she got to work and within four or five days she presented me with this incredible resume! I’m so glad I decided to contact her. She is amazing at putting your skills into words that gets your resume noticed. I highly recommend her if your wanting a powerful resume. Her skills worked for me and I got that job that I was very interested in apply for when we first met. Thanks Heather! Your the best!”

Chad Gheen, Maintenance Manager, McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, Maintenance Supervisor

“Heather helped me rethink and refresh my resume after it had collected dust for a decade. She listened, understood, and provided excellent counsel. Her insightful, pragmatic and strategic approach worked wonders and produced results. She flat out “gets” it, as she understands the employer side of the hiring process and, equally important, has the gift of empathy for you at the individual level. That unique perspective worked seamlessly for me.”

Alec Maki, VP, Strategic Solutions, Bellomy Research, Inc., North Carolina

“Heather was amazing! She answered my initial contact within an hour. She was quick, to the point, asked the appropriate questions and got me. Within about 48 hours (far less than she quoted), she had created not just one, but two great resumes for me.”

resume servicesBecki Holt, Executive Assistant, Oregon Health & Science University

“THANK YOU, HEATHER!! A Shakespeare sonnet begins YOU ONLY YOU and that’s what working with you is like, it’s like participating in a Shakespeare Sonnet, so that vision and voice become part of your professional life. You helped me see my particular powers and qualities–helped me name them, dramatize skills and experiences on paper and in interviews– enjoy the moment of searching, and finding new ways to communicate in the world. You know the story. Walt Whitman sends Emerson LEAVES OF GRASS, and Emerson writes back: I greet you at the beginning of a great career. You ARE my Shakespeare AND Emerson, encouraging my every fledgling hope and professional desire. You lend poetry and passion to your search and also helps you find your way on solid ground with its expertise and common sense: how to write the perfect resume, how to write the perfect cover letter, how to connect to the new boss, how to resign from the current job, how to respond on the phone to potential employers, how to get positive recommendations from former employers and how to you use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook.”

Kate Gill, PhD, Riverside Language Program, New York City

Working with Heather was a privilege. She was thorough and professional throughout the process. I strongly encourage those in need of a resume to have it professionally composed by Heather, it truly is an investment in yourself. I could not be happier with the service and results. Thank you Heather!!!”

Dustin Dunn, Clubhouse Manager at the elite Miramont Country Club, Texas, Your Content Goes Here
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