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Simply put, I want this to be the “Best Resume Writing Blog” in the industry. If you don’t see the topic you are interested in, please email me with a request to write a blog on it. I will add it to my queue!

How To Update A Resume

HOW TO UPDATE A RESUME a Zoom conversation between Child Welfare Professional Inc. & Heather McBride, SHRM-SCP Val [00:00:12] So we have a special guest with us [...]

Cover Letter Best Practices

Cover Letter Best Practices a 10 Minute Zoom with 52 Limited, Portland, Oregon Elaine [00:00:01] Good morning, Heather. Hi. How are you doing? I'm doing pretty good [...]

How To Write A Dance Resume

A dancer or actor resume is a different animal then the average resume - if there is such thing. This won’t sound strange or unusual to a dancer who is [...]

How To Write A Yoga Instructor Resume

Building credibility and communicating your approach to teaching are the two most important goals for a Yoga Instructor resume. Yoga Facilities and Fitness Centers will want to see your experience [...]

What Resume Format Should I Use?

The most effective resume circulating in the job market today is the “Reverse Chronological Resume” with a hybrid/combination of “functional” thrown in for good measure. And, it is the style [...]

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