feelgoodnowI started B School with Marie Forleo’s organization last week. In just 9 days, I have learned and implemented a ton of decisions that are working for me already. Every day is an exciting adventure in self exploration, business inquiry and possibilities!

One particular exercise was unnerving. I had to email or ask friends on social media what my top three qualities were. It was embarrassing because I thought it would look self absorbed and I was afraid of what people would say about me. I don’t know what I was worried about. Everyone that responded was tremendously kind and more than willing to give me positive feedback. It felt wonderful to see what my friends thought about me. They said things that I didn’t know about myself or didn’t realize I was conveying. At the end of the day, I was appreciative and grateful to be SEEN by the people I love.

The next day, I felt like I could conquer the world and, in a small way, I did. I woke up and wrote out my schedule and completed all my tasks, including posting my first video on my new YouTube Channel called “Know Fear, Know Freedom”. (If you have a moment, check out this 8 minute video called “Hope and Failure”. And, please subscribe to my channel!) The video was completed weeks ago. I sat on it and sat on it, so afraid of what people would think about my editing, of which I am just a beginner. In fact, if I am honest with myself, I sat on it for over two years. I started interviewing authors & thought and spiritual leaders in 2012!

The positive feedback the day before gave me the courage to post the video. I am thrilled I did! People are loving it and benefiting from the wisdom of Gregg Levoy’s life work, public speaker and author of Callings and Vital Signs. (Read these books!) It was an honor to talk to him and be trusted with putting the conversation out into the world.

Dear Reader, If you are stuck or afraid to put your work out into the world, finish that project, start a creative project, write that cover letter, talk to that person you are afraid will reject you or face the scary monster under the bed, please do the following:

Email your friends or post this request on Facebook: “Can you tell me three of my best qualities?”

I guarantee it will make your day and give you the boost you need. And, if some jerk sends you something negative, ignore it. Your real friends will take care of them for you!

– Heather McBride, SPHR
Recruiter, Professional Resume Writer and HR Consulting