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About Heather McBride

Heather McBride is passionate about recruiting and writing resumes for professionals – bringing great people (job seekers) and great companies (Hiring Managers) together.

LinkedIn Hints and More

Yesterday, I was invited to be in a Podcast - my first one - and participated in a discussion about creating and building my consulting business and the importance of LinkedIn. I admit I was nervous. It turned out to Read More »

Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Through the eyes of a Recruiter and Human Resources professional, I have been reviewing resumes for years. It is my job to interview the hiring leader and glean from that discussion everything they desire in a candidate. Then, I post Read More »

That Negative Inner Voice – Don’t Listen

Every single one of us has a little voice in our head - that negative inner voice - telling us bad things about ourselves that aren't true. Some of us are better at ignoring that negative talk than others. Some Read More »

Master Your Mind & Believe

"Remember to buy that spinach." My brain remembers when I am walking down the aisle. "Take that computer course." I take the computer course and it helps me get my job done faster at work. "I will not go to Read More »

Job Search Networking. It takes courage!

Let's talk about the big, scary thought of networking today. Does thinking about it give you goose bumps and make the hair rise on the back of your neck? Last Friday, my friend forced me to attend two networking events Read More »

Discover Your Best Qualities Now

I started B School with Marie Forleo's organization last week. In just 9 days, I have learned and implemented a ton of decisions that are working for me already. Every day is an exciting adventure in self exploration, business inquiry Read More »

Fired from my job. Make it good news!

Have you ever been fired from your job? Or, laid off? Or, whatever the boss man told you that created an “opportunity” to find another job. I have and so have many people I know. It is hard to get Read More »

Professional Resume Writer in Eugene Oregon

Most people have something in their work history they don't want a prospective employer to focus on. Do any of these sound familiar? *Employment Gaps *Job Hopping *Layoffs/Downsizing If you have the skills an employer needs and the acumen to Read More »

Put Yourself in the Way

Last weekend, I attended a Buddhist conference at the Florida Nature & Culture Center. It was fantastic to spend four straight days with like-minded individuals, discuss our daily challenges and encourage each other in our shared beliefs. The time prepared Read More »

Distraction to Motivation

SQUIRREL!!!! "If we become cynics and decide it is too difficult for us or anyone to control our mind, then we are destined to forever drift in a sea of impulses and social cues, a life of reaction and distraction rather than Read More »

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