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How To Update A Resume

HOW TO UPDATE A RESUME a Zoom conversation between Child Welfare Professional Inc. & Heather McBride, SHRM-SCP Val [00:00:12] So we have a special guest with us today. We have someone with InClarity360. Miss Heather, how are you doing today? Heather [00:00:21] Hello, I'm doing great, Val, how are you? Val [00:00:25] [...]

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Effective & Accomplishment Based Resumes

Accomplishment Based Resumes and How to Make Them Truly Effective a Zoom with Mulberry Talent Partners, Portland, Oregon Kelsey Daly [00:00:06] Hello and welcome to a Mulberry Talent Partners career conversation. My name is Kelsey Daly and I am the talent acquisition specialist here at Mulberry. So a little bit about Mulberry. [...]

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Cover Letter Best Practices

Cover Letter Best Practices a 10 Minute Zoom with 52 Limited, Portland, Oregon Elaine [00:00:01] Good morning, Heather. Hi. How are you doing? I'm doing pretty good this morning. And yourself? Heather [00:00:06] I'm doing great. Elaine [00:00:08] Good, good, good, good. I'm really excited about having you on 10 minutes and [...]

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The Motivation Manifesto – 9 Life Changing Declarations

I used to think of manifestos as the trouble making document that Jerry Maguire circulated at the talent agent organization he worked at right before they fired him for audaciously claiming his truth. That is, until I read The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. It appeared in my life a bit suspiciously. A free offering, [...]

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How To Write A Career Change Resume

Most agree, writing a resume for a job search in your current field can be a daunting task. Writing a resume when you want to make a career change can almost make you want to throw your hands up in the air and go vacation on a sunny beach in the tropics. Never fear! If [...]

How To Write An Effective Cover Letter For A Resume

Many of my clients ask me if they really need a cover letter. Yes. For sure. Absolutely. But, shouldn’t the resume speak for itself? Yes and no. Learning how to write an effective cover letter could help you pull away from your competition. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE COVER LETTER? A cover letter is [...]

How To Write A Dance Resume

A dancer or actor resume is a different animal then the average resume - if there is such thing. This won’t sound strange or unusual to a dancer who is used to standing out from the pack. How To Write A Dance Resume In a standard, non-performance resume, most personal information and pictures aren’t required [...]

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How To Write A Yoga Instructor Resume

Building credibility and communicating your approach to teaching are the two most important goals for a Yoga Instructor resume. Yoga Facilities and Fitness Centers will want to see your experience and the various classes you have taught. 1:1 clients will want to know that you have the experience they can count on to teach them [...]

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