A simple step-by-step 360 Review process that generates deep, insightful reports AND builds a long term learning relationship for you and your client-leader.

  1. Provide comprehensive feedback to your leaders that focuses on competency based knowledge, skills and abilities.
  2. Increase employee morale because managers are responding and making behavioral changes based on their direct report’s feedback.
  3. Increase productivity and profits!


STEP ONE – Identify applicable competencies to be measured.

  • Choose from a comprehensive list of skill based competencies.
  • Or, use our standardized competency templates.

STEP TWO – Identify participants and the timelines.

STEP THREE– Develop communication tools for participants.

  • Communicate the process, assessment expectations, and third party confidentiality to ensure increased and/or mandatory participation.
  • Determine if there will be participation incentives.

STEP FOUR – Administer online participant assessment.

  • Participants will receive friendly reminders throughout process.

STEP FIVE – Delivery of comprehensive data and unique, customized reports to consultant or leadership.

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“…Psychologist David McClelland argued that competency-based assessments are more effective in predicting effective job performance than traditional intelligence or aptitude tests. In recent decades, organizations have increasingly employed competency-based assessments to support a wide range of HR functions.”

Society of Human Resources Management