360 Performance Reviews for Leadership

Our 360 Review Process is designed out of 25 years of coaching and developing leaders and managers, while enabling each individual to manifest their fullest potential within thriving organizations. We can help you:

  1. Assist companies, leaders, Board of Directors and Human Resource professionals to identify and strengthen individual competencies within a standardized or customized process.
  2. Offer an easily accessible and user friendly survey for participants.
  3. Generate clear reports, chalked full of wisdom – a tool to promote competency development and move the individual and company toward a desired outcome.

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Profound Feedback

It is not an exaggeration to state that 360 performance review feedback can profoundly alter the career path of a leader or employee of a company – in the most positive direction. Receiving feedback from just one manager can be viewed as a subjective exercise by the individual receiving the feedback. It is a completely different story to receive feedback from peers, direct reports and managers that support observations and recommendations.When administered thoughtfully and confidentially, a 360 Degree Review can be an objective communication tool that points an individual towards success. We have the tools and the process to assist you with a successful 360 Degree Implementation!

How We Ensure Success With Our 360 Review Process

  • We begin by measuring the right skills, relying on empirical research to determine which leadership competencies really make a difference to the performance of their firm, rather than on some senior executive’s beliefs about what makes a good manager.
  • We take the time to properly explain, both to participants and to the people giving feedback about those participants, why they’ve going through the exercise and how the data will be used for the participant’s development.
  • We make certain, and make it known, that there will be no breaches of confidentiality.
  • We create a survey that requires just 15 to 20 minutes to complete, to avoid the survey fatigue that tortuously long instruments cause.
  • We focus primarily on discovering strengths rather than use the process to uncover deficiencies. Yes, the process sometimes identifies major weaknesses that need to be taken seriously, but in our experience, these have been in the minority of cases.
  • We tailor the results to each individual and to his or her position. Everyone doesn’t need to be good at the same things.
  • We present each person’s results in a way that enables them to digest them constructively and use the data to create a personal plan of development, by making the feedback report itself simple to read, presenting data in a graphical format that is easy to absorb.
  • We design a final report to help participants see how they compare to those in the top quartile and in the top 10%. This elevates everyone’s aspirations. No one leaves feeling complacent about being slightly above average.
  • We can include a mini-employee survey that shows managers the impact of their behavior on their subordinates.
  • We can develop enhanced reports that focus on Areas of Strengths, Areas of Opportunities and Recommendations to assist leadership in communication and employee development.

For Leadership

Our 360 Leadership Reviews focus on multiple competencies within three essential areas needed to grow and move organizations into the expanding future:

  1. Organizational Leadership
  2. Developing Individuals & Teams
  3. Resource Management

Additionally, Global Leaders face unique challenges. We have incorporated review competencies addressing virtual leadership, innovation, open mindedness and cultural diversity…and many, many other competencies to choose from. Customization is encouraged.

For Employees

For companies that want to move past the traditional annual review process and take each and every employee to a heightened performance level…for increased production, employee morale and market share in every industry.360 Degree Reviews are proven to be effective at every level within an organization.Note: We have the expertise to  develop and administer a 360 Review for any manager, employer, work group or department job description.

Competency Based

Our approach is based on the proven assumption that being a successful manager or leader requires achieving a level of skill in, and commitment to, a variety of competencies that include:

  1. Strategic Leadership
  2. Tactical Management
  3. Financial & Resource Management
  4. Integrity & Courage
  5. Motivating & Managing Staff
  6. Developing Organizational Talent
  7. Customer Focus (Internal & External)
  8. Delegating Authority & Responsibility
  9. …so many more

Types of Reviews

  1. 360 Performance Reviews for your managers and/or employees
  2. Leadership 360 Reviews – Conducted by and for Board of Directors, Panels or Senior Leadership of any organization
  3. Develop customized performance review programs to be administered in-house

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